Creativity is the driving force for the development of stone

Creativity is the driving force for the development of stone

I often hear some colleagues in the stone industry lamenting that China's stone products lack innovation, no new ideas or no innovation and creativity at all! Where is the root cause? Let's take a look at the Italian stone industry first.
Italy is known as the kingdom of stone, not only because it produces precious stone, but also because it produces the world's best stone processing equipment and manufactures the world's best stone products. These excellent equipment and exquisite products occupy a certain position and market share in the world, bringing considerable economic benefits and profits to Italy. The reason why Italian stone equipment and products are loved and favored by the world, in addition to the excellent product manufacturing, I think there is another factor that cannot be ignored - creativity, creativity has become an important productivity and driving force for the Italian stone industry. Italian stone products deeply integrate creativity into them, creating a variety of highly creative stone products.
The annual Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy is a grand event in the world stone industry, attracting the attention of people engaged in the stone industry around the world. Judging from the products displayed at the stone exhibitions in Italy in recent years, we can feel and appreciate the unique creative products and novel products of Italian stone craftsmen.
1. Stone products at the 2009 Stone Exhibition in Verona, Italy
Photos 1 to 3 are the products at the 2009 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy. Photos 1 to 2 are made of stone surface articles, so that the stone surface presents rich texture and three-dimensional characteristics; Figure 3 is made of stone body articles, arc-shaped, showing the graceful posture of arc lines. Large depth modeling, very three-dimensional.

2. Stone products at the 2013 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy
Photos 4 to 6 are the stone products at the 2013 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy. The products not only focus on the design of the product's body, but also on the surface of the product. In particular, the line and surface of the stone in Photo 4 are beautiful in shape, and the stone is made very thin, and the light passes through, making the carving on the stone surface lifelike, with a peaceful demeanor, and the beard and hair are clearly visible. The shape is undulating, and the surface highlights fully reflect the texture and texture of the natural beauty of the stone; the shape in Photo 6 is like a flower floating on a white cloud, or like a flower floating on a lonely boat, giving people unlimited imagination. Users can run their rich imagination and open their minds to imagine the deep artistic conception of the product. Photo 6 This product is extremely artistic and culturally creative.

3. Stone products at the 2016 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy
Photos 7-12 are the stone products at the Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy in 2016. The product creativity is reflected in the change of shape, the three-dimensional sense is very strong, and the visual effect is very good. This kind of creative product is not completed by ordinary equipment, especially the product in Photo 10, such a complex geometry, even if it is done by hand, it is difficult for skilled craftsmen to do it.

Photo7 & 8 & 9

4. Stone products at the 2017 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy
photo 13-22 are the stone products of the 2017 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy. photos 13 and 14 are interesting and meaningful. Photo 13 shows the abstract horse head and body in the form of parquet with small pieces of stone. Collage in the form of triangles makes the flat products have a three-dimensional effect; Photo 14 is a curved "Z"-shaped parquet processed by cutting corners from various colors of stone, which has both three-dimensional and dynamic effects. Figure 15 uses vertical stripes to create a towering decorative effect.

photo13 & 14 & 15

photo 16 uses the stone texture to form a landscape painting figure; photo 17 uses the principle of spatial geometric dislocation to create an extremely strong three-dimensional decorative effect; photo 18 uses the characteristics of the diamond structure to create a strong three-dimensional decorative effect. The background wall of this decoration can be seen in Shenzhen Yating Bay International Hotel; photo 19-photo 21 do creative articles on the body graphics, and the ellipsoid in photo 20 adds several spiral grooves to make the ellipsoid body With a dynamic effect, it feels like the ellipsoid is spiraling upwards. photo 20 The lamp holder of this shape is simply a work of art, and the modeling process is so difficult that it is unimaginable.

photo19 & 20 & 21


5. Stone products at the 2018 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy
Photos 23-34 show the stone products of the 2018 Verona Stone Exhibition in Italy, which can only be described as dazzling, mysterious and magical. Photos 23-25 are all so creative in the design of the slots. photo 23 The effect of two surfaces is made on the same stone shape, so that the product has a three-dimensional effect. The design of the slot in photo. 24 is like a rolling wave. The design of the slot in photo. 25 is like a path of a labyrinth; the shape of the surface in Fig. 26 is like the texture of the surface of the shell; 28 Use wavy shapes as a whole to form a flower-shaped pattern.



photo29、photo30The shape of the product is peculiar, and it can be processed by non-general equipment. Figure 29 is like a sudden towering cliff, beautiful in shape, abrupt and treacherous; in Figure 30, the surface shape of the product, such as the scales on the surface of a pangolin, has reached the top standard in terms of processing technology.

photo31、photo32The washbasin product integrates the green design concept and is made of small pieces of stone, which has both a natural decorative effect and a strong three-dimensional sense, which is of great significance for the utilization of stone scrap resources; Figure 33 Simple and natural The shape has a rough, original decorative effect.

photo31 & photo32 & photo33

photo34The steed that roars in the sky and soars with hooves is attached with a pair of wings that are ready to fly. The designer's rich imagination makes the static horse spirit come alive, just like a real horse, reflecting a very high artistic value.


Some of the stone counterparts lamented that China's stone products lack innovation, no new ideas, or no innovation or creativity at all. China's modern stone industry has been developing for at least 30 years, and we are still doing products that are old-fashioned, lacking innovative passion, and lacking vitality, making the original natural and passionate stone eclipsed. Of course, this is not purely the responsibility of the stone people. There are deep-rooted reasons: First, the Chinese stone industry has lacked the spirit of innovation from ancient times to the present. , lion; keen to do praises, honor ancestors - arches, mountain gates, steles. Craftsmen do not have the heart to think and ponder products with peculiar, weird and abstract shapes; the second is that the Chinese stone industry lacks the atmosphere of going out and communicating. Although some stone companies go out every year to see the international stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, it is a drop in the bucket, the time is short and the effect is not large, and they are forgotten within a few days after the exhibition. The exchange of art and culture is long-term, and it is just a dream to expect to see several international stone exhibitions to bring about a leap in innovation in the stone industry; the third is the particularity of the Chinese stone industry. It is completed by a third-party specialized design company. As a third-party design company, they will not think too much about the innovation of stone products. The stone industry promotes development with innovative products; China does not really treat the stone industry as an art industry, and it is based on the value of art. Earn more excess value. However, Italy has a completely different concept from ours. From the Middle Ages to the present, stone products have been operated and developed as artistic products. Finally, due to the limitation of the processing capacity of stone machinery and equipment, our machinery and equipment are far less advanced than Italian stone machinery and equipment, even if Even if we have designed innovative and creative products, we cannot manufacture them. Relying on manual manufacturing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and we may not produce good quality products. Combining various factors, the lack of innovative and creative stone products in China has become very normal.
Find out the pictures on the stone exhibition in Verona, Italy, which have been collected for many years, and review them, you can indeed broaden your horizons, stretch your eyes, and activate your brain. From these creative products, I feel the gap in the creativity of Chinese stone products, lack of artistic heritage and artistic connotation. China is a major producer of stone products, but it is not a powerful country in production and a leader in the direction of production. The main reason is that China's stone products are less innovative, less creative, less valuable in decorative arts, and low in product value. They still treat stone resources as a purely consumable industry, and do not excavate the connotative value of stone resources and create a brand of resource value. .
Good ideas will inevitably create good stone products, making the products more decorative and artistic. Of course, the value of natural stone resources is also perfect and fully displayed.

photo35 & photo36 & photo37


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