Apple:When opening a store in Italy,the LOGO is better to

Apple: When opening a store in Italy, the LOGO is better to use marble
Recently, Apple opened its first Apple Store on Via del Corso in the heart of the ancient city of Rome. In order to pay tribute to this ancient city culture, Apple specially designed a LOGO made of marble for it, using Italian Materials used by architects and sculptors for centuries to express their talents and create masterpieces.

Rome Apple Store


Marble has been used in Italian art for centuries, and in the new Apple store logo, six dynamic colors (the rainbow colors Apple used from 1977 to 1998) fill part of the marble texture, symbolizing how Apple Be one with the culture and soul of Rome.


Rome Apple Store

A labor-intensive restoration of a grand 19th-century palace, the store will be Apple's largest store in Europe, while also demonstrating how retail can fit into a historic building.

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