"Black and white matching" creates a different marble Pat


Black and white marble

Different Pattern

Black and white 

The environment created is beautiful
wonderful world



Black and white are relative contradictions. The black at night creates infinite fear; the white in the morning brings people infinite warmth and happiness. And when the black and white of the dawn are intertwined at the same time, the scene created is the most beautiful. The world of black and white is really eye-opening, colorful and full of magic, creating an illusory world intertwined with black and white. This is the case in nature, and so is the world of stone.

The environment created by black and white is a beautiful and wonderful world.
Through the combination of the two colors black and white, a product with clear black and white and strong contrast effect is created.
Black and white, interdependent and opposed to each other, complement each other. White is like light in the night, making black glow.


Parquet products are an important product in stone, and parquet products can be seen everywhere in high-end hotels and guesthouses. Through parquet products, the decorative environment of high-end hotels and guesthouses is extraordinary.
Parquet products pay attention to stone contrast, the stronger the contrast, the better the effect. The combination of black and white stone is applied to the parquet products, the two are the perfect match, the best partner.
This article shows some parquets made of black stone and white stone, allowing readers and friends to enjoy a visual feast of black stone and white stone.
Photo 1 The black and white stones are made into parquet, which produces a strong visual effect. In addition, the graphics are designed in a radial shape, as if light is continuously emitted from the light source, with a strong three-dimensional effect and a good decorative effect.
photo 2 A parquet made of black and white stone, with flowers inlaid in the middle of the parquet, which increases the artistry of the parquet.




photo 2


photo3、photo4Because the black stone and the white stone set off each other and are spliced at an angle, the three-dimensional feeling is stronger.




Although the figure in photo 9 is simple, the fusion of black and white gives the figure a profound meaning.
photo 10 Black and white interweave to create smooth lines, giving the parquet a dynamic effect.






photo11Black and white create an artistic effect like layers of terraced fields, which is a very beautiful abstract painting.





photo13The shape of the panda can only be made of black and white stone to create a lifelike panda expression.



Photo 15 The matching effect of black stone and milky white stone is also good.
Photo 16 The matching effect of black stone and topaz is also possible, and black stone can be matched with a variety of stones for parquet.






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