What is PU stone? Come find out!

 Material collision has always been pursued by designers

A visual sensory impact effect
In the past two years, concave and convex stone finishes
Appears in many desktop classic cases
But most people still stay away
After all, such as raw materials, cost,
Problems such as transportation and construction are difficult to solve
But in fact, there is a kind of imitation stone finish - pu stone


To be able to "mix the real with the fake",
It has also been widely used abroad
Because many foreign buildings are mostly wooden structures
Pu stone is widely used in the decoration of building exterior walls
It's just not well known to the public
Today's article will take you to decipher this kind of
Such a realistic imitation stone finish - "pu stone"
What kind of material is it.





What is PU stone?
Let's start by analyzing its original components
The Chinese interpretation of "pu" is polyurethane, the full name is polyurethane
is a backbone containing repeating carbamate groups
General term for macromolecular compounds
It is made of organic diisocyanates
or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy
or polyhydroxy compound polyaddition to form polyurethane material
Very versatile, can replace rubber, plastic, nylon and other products

The features are as follows:
(1) Long service life and reduced cost
(2) The temperature resistance is minus 20 degrees to high temperature of 120 degrees
(3) Polyurethane products are non-polluting, non-toxic and tasteless.
Now it has been widely used in airports, hotels, building materials, automobile factories
Coal mines, cement factories, high-end apartments, villas
Landscaping, colored stone art, parks, etc.

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