Big news! G654 Granite is back in the arena! The Changtai Wu

Recently, Changtai District held a centralized signing event in the third quarter of 2022. A total of 7 projects were signed on site, with a total investment of 4.06 billion yuan. District Party Secretary Hu Bin, District Mayor You Yuchuan, District People's Congress Standing Committee Director Zhou Junxiong, District Political Consultative Conference Chairman Ye Shuishan and other district leaders attended the ceremony.

It is understood that the projects signed this time cover green industry, new materials, culture, tourism, health care, manufacturing and other fields. Jinmu New Material Project, Saperai Lighting Project with a total investment of 180 million Yuan, Yaosheng Outdoor Products Project with a total investment of 250 million Yuan, Vienna Hotel Project with a total investment of 120 million Yuan, Xinyuansheng Hardware Products Project with a total investment of 60 million Yuan etc. 7 items.
The signing of this batch of new projects will further expand the industrial development of the six key areas in Changtai District, extend the industrial chain, stimulate new vitality of economic and social development, and form a new advantage to promote high-quality development in an all-round way.

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