2022 Xiamen stone fair

On the morning of July 30, the four-day 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Xiamen International Stone Fair") officially opened in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center.





The gathering of exhibitors and the arrival of many visitors is not only the affirmation of Xiamen International Stone Fair, but also the support for the overall development of the stone industry.





The opening is in an orderly manner





On the first day of the Xiamen International Stone Fair, there was a lot of traffic and people coming and going around the Convention and Exhibition Center. The staff of the Xiamen International Stone Fair Organizing Committee were busy organizing exhibitors and visitors to line up, measure temperature, scan codes, and enter the venue... All links are in an orderly manner, and exhibitors and visitors strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations and enter the venue in an orderly manner.





Under the normal state of epidemic prevention and control, Xiamen International Stone Fair has strict epidemic prevention measures: for example, people entering the exhibition hall need to have real-name certificates and personal exclusive Xiamen exhibition code; 4 on-site nucleic acid points are set up on the spot, including the square in front of the convention and exhibition center before the check-in greenhouse, In front of Hall A3 in the front square, at the exit of the back door of Hall C4, and next to the check-in counter in Hall B7.





Held as scheduled to inject strong impetus into the industry





The 7th China Stone Mining Alliance Conference of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Stone Industry Chamber of Commerce, the "14th Five-Year" Development Summit Forum of the Stone Industry of China Stone Association, and the "Stone Home Improvement Forum-Ask Home Improvement 2.0" of China Stone Association will take turns. On stage, as well as Guizhou Stone Industry, Hubei Macheng Stone Investment Promotion Conference, and exhibitor supporting activities to help industry development.




Start the "first shot" of the first exhibition of the stone industry






Xiamen International Stone Fair kicked off the "first shot" of China's stone industry this year. It is an industry event where domestic and foreign stone gathering places, stone enterprises and stone people gather together. The sustainable and healthy development of the industry has played a boosting and leading role.



July 30-August 2
In the name of "stone", gather on Ludao
Talk about the new "stone" world!

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